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LeDroit Park

LeDroit Park


North of the National Mall near Washington’s Union Station, the neighborhood of LeDroit Park is an inviting and blooming community located in the heart of the historic section of Northwest Washington D.C. Established in 1873 by one of the founders of the adjacent Howard University, the land was acquired for development under the eye of architect James McGill, who had hopes of creating a district with a romantic ideal in an effort to attract the city’s most powerful players, regardless of skin color.

With its proximity to one of the nation’s first African American universities, the area quickly integrated. The neighborhood grew in the early 20th century following World War One, becoming a major focal point for the African-American community thanks to the many prominent figures who called it home. However, following the riots of the 1960s, a dark shadow descended over LeDroit for the next two decades, as the city as a whole struggled with downtown crime.

With the new millennium came a very successful effort to clean up the once elite neighborhood of LeDroit and return it to the thriving community of its early years.

If you’re searching for a home in the heart of the district, in a trendy section of town that is close to everything, then historic LeDroit Park could be a great place to call home.