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Samir Kassar

Originally from the Levant, Samir moved to the U.S. in 1992. Samir’s desire to help others achieve their real estate goals has been driven primarily by his admiration of the American dream and by witnessing fascinating real estate trends both locally and in cities around the world. Sam’s objective is to provide his clients with genuine, thoughtful, and personalized service grounded by the professional skills he honed during his extensive career as a trusted advisor. The end result is an educated client whose expectations have been exceeded throughout the process and a trusting long-term relationship.

My wife and I were looking for a house in Washington, DC, where the market has been very difficult for buyers. We met Sam through friends, and he immediately made us comfortable, sharing ideas and tips on the home buying process. We knew nothing about this process as we were first time home buyers, and therefore Sam's help was critical. We narrowed down our research to 2-3 neighborhoods in Washington, and probably viewed almost 40 properties, and Sam joined us every time we felt it could be the right one for us. In this difficult process, Sam showed great enthusiasm, always staying positive and supportive of our choices, while providing great advice on the process and on properties we were visiting. Sam also had great knowledge of the "offer" process, and really guided us through all of its complexities. Sam was available any time we had questions and responded very quickly to all requests - working late at night so we could provide our offer on time. In summary, Sam is extremely responsive, trustworthy and hard working. We would certainly recommend him to any close friend or family member (and we have)!
Our search for the perfect home in VA could not have been complete without Sam's incredible knowledge, support and guidance. Sam is without doubt the most patient and committed real estate agent that we worked with. During our search, Sam was quick to respond to our requests which in some cases included seeing 8-10 properties over one afternoon. He isnt your typical pushy salesy agent that wants to sell you whatever he can and make a quick buck - he was extremely patient during the process. His knowledge of the closing process helped us get the balling rolling on the different but time intensive aspects of closing. He held us hand every step of the way and we would gladly recommend him to others so they may have an equally pleasant house shopping experience.


Samir Kassar

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