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With over 18 years in real estate, Lee Goldstein has consistently performed as a top-producing agent, ranking in the top 5% of agents nationally. Lee builds his business being local, neighborhood-based, and customer service oriented. Market expertise, the highest level of integrity, and unparalleled customer relationships have led him to become one of the most respected agents in the Washington, D.C. Region. Prior to coming to RLAH, Lee founded and managed his own successful brokerage firm, Northgate Realty. He has also served on numerous committees at the Greater Capital Area Association of Realtors, including his appointment as Chairman of the Professional Standards Committee in 2016.

3 beds | $599,900
5 beds | $1,495,000
1 beds | $299,000
3 beds | $469,000
4 beds | $1,149,000
3 beds | $749,000
4 beds | $625,000
5 beds | $1,500,000
4 beds | $1,094,000

Philip Silverman & John Reynolds - DC
John and I would like to let you know how thoroughly pleased we are that we had your help in the sale of our home and the purchase of a new one. Because of the complexity of the transactions as well as the unpredictable problems that arose, we know very well that without your efforts the deals would not have been completed. We strongly believe that without your experience, optimism, creativity and calm we would not now be in the wonderful apartment we’ve just bought. Having bought and sold several properties in the past, we have sometimes wondered why we had to pay a realtor so much; after our current experience we know why, and in fact we think we got a very good deal. Thanks again, Lee, for your good work.
James Karson – MD
Lee represented and quickly sold the Gaithersburg Townhouse for a long distance, distressed family who had lost their son (the homeowner) in a tragic auto accident. I was named the Executor of their son's estate to assist my friend's in-laws who live in Hong Kong. Lee quickly listed and obtained six interested buyers, he managed all of the details for us up to and including final transfer of the property to help bring prompt closure for the mother and father in their time of need. It was a true pleasure working with Lee as he kept me informed every step of the way and provided everything needed so that I could share the details long distance with the family in Hong Kong. I look forward to working with Lee again, the next time I am in need of a professional Realtor.
Ryan Suess & Kerri Patterson – MD
My wife and I were buying our first home and had a tight schedule of 1 month to find a house. We had little previous experience in shopping for a home and did not have a refined list what we wanted. Lee managed to make take our vague list of requirements and tough timeline and make it a very positive experience. He was prompt, professional, accommodating and responsive when it came time for scheduling and viewing houses. Most of all he respected our time and did not waste time showing us things we did not want to see. He was straightforward and direct to work with.
Jonathan & Kelly Shannon – DC
Lee served as our buyer agent in our recent home purchase and will also be representing us for the sale of our old home. I cannot say enough good things about Lee and his staff. We value timely communications pretty highly, and Lee was extremely communicative throughout the whole process and did a great job assessing our needs against what was on the market. His knowledge of the greater Shepherd Park neighborhood from growing up there definitely allows him to have keen insight on that market, something which most other realtors cannot provide. I would highly recommend Lee Goldstein to anyone looking to buy or sell in the DC area (though i cannot imagine him having any shortage of clients!).
Moira Hopkins - MD
I knew Lee from visiting open houses. Although over the years, he would see me at various open houses, he never pressured me. Eventually, my husband and I were ready and saw the perfect home. Lee got us through the gauntlet of home buying post the housing bubble smoothly and effortlessly. Every deadline was met, every question answered. It couldn’t have been a smoother process and we got a great price! Lee seems to intuitively know how much hand holding a first time buyer might need or how little a more seasoned buyer needs. I trust him and recommend him completely.”
Joshua & Sarah Gershone – MD
I would definitely recommend Lee. My wife and I used him as our buyer's agent when buying our first home. He was patient with us and keen to understand what we needed and wanted, and then he helped us in that direction. He helped us look at a number of houses in the neighborhood that we were interested in. We took a break for a while after searching at first, to get in a bit better financial position, and Lee did not pressure us or try to push us toward something we didn't like or that was out of our price range. He was friendly, professional, and knowledgeable about all aspects of the process.
Tim Condon & Perry Mackrill - DC
We are days away from closing (selling) our home in Colonial Village. We utilized Lee Goldstein as our agent and are very pleased with the outcome in such an unstable market. Lee is very professional, responds promptly, and is quite possibly the most experienced agent in the Colonial Village market. He provides expert advice and support, answers questions patiently, and is well respected by his peers. Lee knows when to push, and when to remain silent and let the dust settle when dealing with buyers agents. I trust Lee very much. We left our dog with him at a few of our open houses, and I am very picky about leaving my dog with anyone! Lee demonstrated innovation thinking when it came to marketing our house during some difficult times in the real estate market. In my opinion, you could not choose a better agent to represent you at selling your home.
Tony Hardy & Sean Conley – DC
Lee was exceptional and responded to all but two of my 750+ calls, emails and texts, but I would not have responded to those two either. :-) Lee is known within his profession, and has a professional team to pull from. Everyone on his team was delightful. Also the attention to detail with pictures and posting in this digital age was great. Lee is also willing to reassess strategy if things are not going as planned. Each house and situation is different, but I would highly recommend Lee as your realtor. He is a consummate professional and truly listens to one's needs. Because you are no shrinking violet, :-) I am sure you and Lee will have a great time working through the issues, and that you will surpass my 750+ communiques! Sean and I highly recommend Lee, and consider him a friend. You would be crazy not to select him!
Emma Silverman & Nate Gailey-Shiltz – MD
Lee was awesome to work with. We were first-time homebuyers who knew nothing about the process, but Lee walked us through it and made us feel both comfortable and empowered. His years of experience really shined through when we were checking out houses, and his negotiating skills resulted in a home purchase that we were delighted with.
Brenda Morris – DC
“Lee sold my house last year on West Beach Drive. He did a great job. Considering we were in a soft market, Lee sold my house in a very short period of time. He was a strong advocate and negotiated a fair price. I took his advice often, but on the rare occasion that we disagreed, I fully respected his opinion. I was extremely satisfied with his services.”
Ron Seligman – MD
I had a wonderful home buying experience with Lee Goldstein and wanted to share what made it successful. As a home buyer, it's helpful to define early in the process, what you want in the agent. This is the person who will actually be representing you, to the home seller and the listing agent. My goal was to have somebody aware of current real estate trends (online tools) and local real estate conditions. This person also had to be willing to discuss negotiating strategies, hear my viewpoint, and provide real world experience as to how the market was reacting to those strategies. My preference was also for a straight shooter, not for some who dances around important issues with only a smile and an everything will be all right mindset. Finally, two additional items: my interests had to come first, and not the R.E. agent's interest in a sale by any means, and the agent had to be respected in the real estate community. Lee met all those characteristics. The home he showed me was exactly what I wanted, however we both agreed that as a new listing it was overpriced. We decided to wait, with Lee letting the listing agent know there was interest, but just not at the price being offered. After 30 days the home was reduced in price by 5%, but Lee and I again agreed, still overpriced. I followed Lee's advice and submitted an offer at what I thought was a fair, but somewhat low price. It was easy to submit the offer, Lee and I wrote the contract online within 15 minutes. Our offer was not accepted, and we decided to follow the strategy of waiting some more. I do think though, that the offer made the seller realize where the market was, and he was too high. After another 30 days the price was reduced another 5% again, (Lee kept in touch the entire time). Again Lee and I used the online tool to write up a purchase contract, and again, slightly below the seller's new price, but slightly higher than my original offer. Middle ground was reached and I had an easy closing. I would easily recommend Lee to family or friends.
Emily Porter & Justin Bolman – DC
We moved to DC from London in September and we met Lee in January. We knew very little of the area and we were selling our home in London as well. It was a stressful situation. Lee made the process enjoyable, easy and efficient. Lee is very knowledgeable about DC and spent a great deal of time learning about who we were, what we liked, and showed us dozens of different neighborhoods to learn what we were looking for. He spent hours of his time driving us around to learn the area and get a feel of what it is like. He listened well, was always available, responded immediately to all correspondence and found us our dream home within two months of our initial meeting. He is honest, conscientious, reliable and well liked among the real-estate community. His various friends and contacts brought us to closing in 25 days and his reputation gave us many options of lenders, offices, title companies and inspectors. He is trustworthy and takes great pleasure in helping his clients. I recommend Lee to colleagues, friends and family.
Matthew Frattali – DC
Thank you Lee. “I asked a lot of Lee since I don't have piles of money and I wanted to make sure I was buying the right place. I was a relatively small fish — buying a small condo — but that did not seem to matter to Lee. I asked Lee a lot of questions, he answered every one of them honestly and followed up on everything he promised he would follow up on. I can't recommend Lee highly enough.”


Lee Goldstein

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