Fernando Garcia

Real estate transactions are the most monumental events in terms of personal wealth. It’s not an arena to enter without a strong ally with your best interests at heart, which is what I bring: knowledge of the importance of real estate and a genuine affinity for my clients. Having worked locally as a Senior Financial Specialist at First Union National Bank, Fernando combined his grasp of figures with his love of people. Fernando’s experience makes him one of DC’s most personable and talented agents. His professionalism ensures that his clients can count on his real-estate acumen and friendly disposition.

1 beds | $499,900
4 beds | $849,999
2 beds | $1,299,900
2 beds | $319,900
3 beds | $394,900
2 beds | $670,000
3 beds | $939,900
4 beds | $899,900

I’m very passionate about the work Food & Friends are doing for the community that I work in. You’ll find me volunteering there on a regular basis.


Fernando Garcia

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