Colleen Cancio

Clients sometimes ask what drew me into real estate and no doubt it was buying my first home. I went from a small apartment to a four-bedroom row house! An added bonus was the immediate equity I had in this house since I bought at the right time in the right location and with smart renovations. My own experience made me realize that real estate decisions are very personal and have a huge influence on someone’s life. When I work with clients, it’s because I know I can help them make these decisions that will change their lives for the better.

Jean M.
As a real estate agent helping my husband and me buy a home in Capitol Hill, Colleen could not have provided better service to us. She was patient, insightful, available, well-connected, helpful, not-at-all pushy, generous with her time and she communicated with us just the right amount. She lives in the Capitol Hill area which was the area we were interested in, so her familiarity, wisdom and experience with the market was invaluable to us. She was also incredibly helpful with all the complications and details regarding closing. We can't recommend her highly enough!
I am a first-time homebuyer with a very modest income. Colleen has always treated me well and has been optimistic in my search. I am now under contract and ready to close on a property that I adore. Colleen has been there for me every step of the way!


Colleen Cancio

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