Trang Bui

Trang Bui came from a very humble foundation – raised by a strong, independent single-mother who emigrated here from Vietnam. It is her mother’s strength that drives her to succeed in anything she sets out to accomplish. “I enjoy meeting new people, learning new things, solving diverse problems and traveling to new places. Real estate encompasses many of these aspects and I can safely say I am truly happy with my career.” While Trang considers herself a voracious learner of all things real estate, she believes the best part of her job is the relationships she makes. “I want to know my clients as if they were family. I want to know their interests and aspirations, their favorite foods and hobbies. Every client is unique and knowing these details helps me find them the perfect home.”

Monique B Nguyen
She is extremely detailed oriented and helpful. She explained all of the paperwork and processes in detail and never hesitated to answer a question or get back to me with more information. Buying a new home by myself was very overwhelming but she made the process as painless as possible. I could not ask for a better realtor. She is so friendly and professional that I never felt intimidated to share my concerns with the builders and other contractors. Would love to work with her again.
Josh Smith
If you are looking for an exceptional agent, look no further. Trang is your agent. She was knowledgable, responsive, and overall very thorough. She also did a phenomenal job brokering the whole deal. She went to bat for me on multiple occasions, and came out on top.
Trina Fletcher
*5 Stars Across the board* --- I decided to work with Trang after my twin sister had a seamless process purchasing first her home in DC. Her level of professionalism, expertise and passion for helping clients find the perfect home is just priceless and she exemplified that during both of our processes. Whenever I had questions or concerns related to any step linked to buying a home, even if she didn't have the answer, she found it. Everything from finding the perfect condo to closing out went smoothly and she's at the center of that success. She's beyond patient and will place you as a priority no matter what. If you're reading this and are trying to find an agent, go not further; you've found the one.
I am lucky that I had the opportunity to work with Trang on renting my first place with an old friend. Despite scheduling conflicts and my utter inexperience with rentals, she made what could have been a very complex and frustrating process a smooth and straight forward one instead. Trang was very knowledgeable throughout the process from start to close and was always responsive and above all patient in answering all of the amateur hour questions being thrown at her. What I appreciated most is that she was blunt and straight to the point honest. So from all of this I came away with a great deal on a pretty awesome first condo rental, and the realization that I don't deserve this level of service.
Me and my friend had went to Trang for assistance in searching for our new place to move into for rent and she was nothing short of amazing. It was our first time moving out and she was very informative. The whole process was painless and smooth. We received emails on a regular basis on new places for rent that would open. She knew it was our first time so she gave us great advice such as choosing more than one place and looking at a few before jumping the gun. She was there every step of the way, from the moment we asked her to help, to the moment we signed and got the keys! She was able to answer any questions as well as guide us in our next steps during the process. She is the best and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to buy or rent.
Garrett Richardson
I would like to say that Trang did an outstanding job staying with me through the entire selling process. She walked with me for about a year from deadbeat contractors that walkout from the job, to referring new contractors from her network that brought the job back in line with the schedule, to numerous failed inspections which brought on new contractors from her network (once again) to satisfy the new requirements from the inspector. I must say that Trang has re-established the professionalism in the profession of real estate sales and I counted it a complete pleasure to work with her and I look forward to more deals in the future. Job well done. A completely satisfied customer.
With a toddler, 3 dogs, and a baby on the way, we needed out of our small 1bdrm apartment. October 2015 was the beginning of what seemed like an endless journey. Trang was nothing but patient and helpful. Always answered all of our questions, sometimes more than once. (Pregnancy Brain it's a serious thing) We had many bumps along the way and looked at SO many houses. She never gave up and even after a failed contract she kept us motivated when all seemed lost to us. We wanted to give up so many times. Well, I did at least. But she never let us. She always did everything in her power to make things work for us. We finally found our home! Only 1 month away from our due date AND she got us the GREATEST deal on it. She is so dedicated and loves her job. We feel so grateful to have had the opportunity to have her as our realtor, and friend. Blessings come in all different ways, and for us she was our blessing on this amazing journey. Thank you, Trang... for everything. The long drives, the 2 minute home checks, the patience, the hard work. We are eternally grateful to you.
I used Trang to sell my home. She has always been responsive in my dealings with her and she seems to have a sixth sense regarding her negotiations with buyers. I had a multiple offer situation which she handled very well. The process went very smoothly as she unerringly helped me pick the best buyer which is not always just based on the offer. I would recommend her services on either buying or selling a home.


Trang Bui


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