Karen Eaton

I am passionate about real estate in the Washington, DC area. I am efficient with my time and yours and I will minimize the stressful part of the real estate transaction for you! In November of 2013 I was awarded the Senior Real Estate Specialist Designation. I look forward to helping you with all of your real estate needs!

Charlie & Meg Baker
One of the more difficult life decisions is selecting a real estate agent to sell your home of 27-plus years. We could not have made a better choice than Karen Eaton. Karen’s positive attitude was evident at our first meeting and became more fully obvious over the next few months. Her complete awareness of the neighboring real estate climate was confirmed by her tireless persistence in employing traditional marketing strategies. Despite Karen’s inexperience with social media marketing, she sought advice from her associates on the benefits of including social media in today’s real estate world. Her readiness to supplement time-proven tactics with judiciously selected social media campaigns epitomizes Karen’s dedication to her clients. Most importantly, Karen’s integrity became more and more apparent during our many conversations. Despite the advice of well-intentioned friends to “change agents,” we continued to trust Karen’s advice and strategies because of her ethics. Additionally, Karen is a credentialed senior real estate specialist. While not all of Karen’s clients will be seniors, her priority will continue to be the needs of her client. Karen’s unrelenting cheerfulness, patience and honesty are assets for anyone considering the sale of a house.


Karen Eaton


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